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Woodworking project success for Forever Savvy!

In April 2013 Forever Savvy successfully secured a Red Nose Day grant of £1,000 to run a woodworking project. The project involved 10 people with varying disabilities and learning difficulties.


As part of the project users learned basic techniques in the selection, design and construction processes required to make small wooden items. Items successfully designed and made by the group included tables, bird boxes and model beach huts.

Jacob + finished products

William Barker, who coordinated the project said, ‘The small beach huts were not originally anticipated. It came as a total surprise with the idea and suggestion put forward by the trainees themselves. This required them to further develop their artistic skills, giving them greater choice in the selection of their finished project.’


Some of the finished products were kept by the trainees with the remainder sold successfully to the general public during an open day the group organised. This also meant users gained experience of sales and went on to bring further revenue to the project.

Tom + Birdbox

As well as practical skills and improved skill levels the project also encouraged self-discipline, self-confidence and gave users a real sense of achievement.


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