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Twenty Twenty are sharing their Love4Life

The Love4Life Co-ordinator has linked with the creative director of an art initiative in Loughborough which for the past couple of years has run workshops for girls to engage in creativity and be a part of something new happening where they live. Twenty Twenty decided to get the girls from their Thursday group involved, and they had the opportunity to create some sculptures for an art exhibition at a Sculpture Gallery near London, which was then brought back to a gallery in Loughborough.

They recently visited the gallery so that they girls could see their art works in the gallery setting and celebrate being part of this inspiring project. One of the girls, who a year ago this was unhappy, had no friends and was at high risk of being excluded from school for truanting and poor behaviour, was glowing with happiness about the piece she’d created. When asked her how it felt to have something she’d made part of an art exhibition, she said:

“Its feels really good…I feel really validated. It made me feel like a real artist of Loughborough.”

Twenty Twenty believe in the worth, talent and potential of all young people. No matter what challenges a young person has faced or is still facing, with the right help, they can develop the confidence, personal resources and skills to move forward in their education and find sustainable employment. Twenty Twenty offer this help through a range of effective integrated projects in their award winning Lifeskills centres based in Derby and Leicester  Each centre is a true learning community and a supportive ‘can do’ environment where students come together with teachers, counsellors, mentors and local business volunteers, who are all ably committed to furthering their progress.