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The Annual DICE Lecture at University of Leicester

Living in a Diverse Britain Aspiration, Fears & Different Realities

Thursday 22 October 2015, 6.00pm

Lord Herman Ouseley

Fifty years after the introduction of race relations legislation in GB, the nation is still dogged by polarised opinions on race, ethnicity, inequalities, immigration, integration, segregation and discrimination.

Lord Herman Ouseley offers some personal reflections on his journey to the Palace of Westminster and highlights past challenges and confrontations in pursuit of equality and justice. Looking ahead, he argues, the struggle to achieve fair treatment for all of Britain’s diverse communities will be no less daunting. Inspirational and responsible leadership is the key to meeting those future challenges.


Dive lecture


Peter Williams Lecture Theatre

Fielding Johnson South Wing


This lecture is free to graduates, students, staff and members of the public, but please

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