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Scout Group enhances annual gangshow with PA system

With a contribution of £100 from the Hitachi Capital Fund, 1st Gilmorton Scouts was able to purchase a PA system to ensure its annual stage performances can be fully heard and appreciated by attendees. The group currently consists of some 90 children, both boys and girls, aged between 6 and 14.

One of the highlights of the Scout Group’s year, and its biggest fundraiser is a ‘Gangshow’ that is put on for parents. All the children take part, telling jokes, performing sketches and singing songs. Where some are confident, others are more reserved, and the PA system will hugely improve the audience experience as the children can make themselves heard without feeling that they need to shout and the audience can respond to the inevitable punchlines!

The single speaker system has two wireless microphones and two stands, and will enhance the future enjoyment of both the annual Gangshow which is attended by around 150 parents and family members, and other social occasions.

1st Gilmorton Scouts provides a safe and fun environment for young people in which to learn and develop skills and personalities. The Scout Group’s membership is split across three sections: Beavers (aged 6-8), Cubs (aged 8-10) and Scouts (aged 10-14).  The children participate in a wide range of activities including camping, cooking, games and map reading.

As part of the group they learn to socialise, compromise and work as part of a team in a less formal environment than found at school.

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