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Preserving our Wildlife

The Osprey Project works to protect and enhance the wildlife and wild places of Leicestershire and Rutland and to engage young people with nature, via a schedule of Osprey Assemblies and interactive activities in schools. Events are also held for home schooled children. Support from the CAP fund has helped Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to bring this project to over 3000 children annually.

Enjoyable trips to Rutland Water Nature Reserve have enabled children to see the ospreys, learn about nature conservation and experience outdoor activities, such as, a migration competition where children are challenged to migrate successfully around the reserve, facing and overcoming obstacles along the way.

Working with the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, the programme also incorporates a strong international component; developing multimedia links with classrooms across Europe and West Africa, ensuring the conservation message is delivered all along the migration route.

The project encourages a sense of responsibility, confidence and personal growth and development through its Osprey Ambassadorships where children who take a special interest in the project can get more involved. The project also provides a regular newsletter and has done many local radio interviews.

Funding from the CAP Fund has helped ensure the continuation of this project by covering the salaries for three seasonal Osprey Education Officers who work alongside volunteers.