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New Trust with Community Foundation supports Quality of Life project for Disabled Children and Families

Aiming High for Disabled Children is a government-based initiative established in 2007 to improve the lives of disabled children and their carers.

As part of a review into services offered by Aiming High in January 2013, Rutland County Council revised the eligibility criteria to focus on supporting those deemed most in need, and to provide access to universal activities benefitting most children and young people with a disability. As a result, the council was no longer in a position to fund the annual respite weekend residential.


Neil Mullinger, a teacher at Catmose College, has a son who has benefited from the respite breaks provided by Aiming High. Neil wanted to work hard to ensure other families could continue to benefit from them. He came up with the idea that local businesses may want to ‘sponsor’ a weekend in order for the services to continue. This resulted in the formation of “Creative Breaks”

Each weekend costs in the region of £5,000 and, on average, takes 15 children away from Saturday morning until Sunday night. Disabled children get to have a weekend away with friends and enjoy the outdoors with plenty of arranged activities, whilst families get to have a rest from full-time caring. Parents can are also able to spend time with any other children they may have.



Neil has approached several businesses, which are interested in getting involved and the first weekend took place on the 20-21st of July and was sponsored by Kevin Grewcock of Griptrak Midlands Ltd. Kevin is a Rutland resident and Neil presented the idea to him.

‘I was keen to get involved and help in any way I can. I was delighted that I was able to sponsor the first weekend and I hope that other businesses will be able to get involved,’ said Kevin.


The Creative Breaks Trust has been set up with Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation. We help businesses, individuals and groups of people raise funds for local causes. Rutland County Council is continuing to support the cost of administration of the trust.

To find out more about Creative Breaks please call Laura Grant, Business Engagement Executive on 0771 606 400 or contact her at