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Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club expands youth programme

With £1,262 funding received from the William Colton Youth Sport Fund, Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club has been able to significantly progress its youth programme. When it was started in 2014, the youth programme had 15 participants, today it has grown to 50.

The grant received enabled the club to purchase additional equipment for all stages of participants’ development, and increase the number of qualified coaches to provide a wider range of activities. These included indoor and outdoor coaching spanning the whole year, two junior cricket festivals per year, and separate girls’ coaching to meet cultural requirements.

In addition, the Club has been able to establish ties with Leicestershire & Rutland Cricket Board to further develop their youth programme. As a result it is now promoting Sport England’s ‘Every Girl Can’ initiative. The additional publicity has resulted in growing interest among the local community, ensuring more children from a socially deprived area are benefiting from the activities and the contribution they bring to health and wellbeing.

Leicester Caribbean Cricket Club is a cricket and social club based in the city of Leicester, with the purpose of promoting community participation in healthy recreation. It does this by providing facilities to play cricket, and engage in other leisure activities as well as advancing the development of children and young people through cricket coaching.

The club has two teams participating in the Leicestershire and Rutland Cricket League.  In addition, friendly matches are played on Sunday which attract teams and supporters from various parts of the country.

For information on how to set up your own charitable giving fund, please contact Katy Green at Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation on 0116 262 4804.