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Junior javelins help children train for annual competition

With funding of £1,500 from the William Colton Youth Sport Fund, Saffron Athletics has been able to purchase junior sized javelins and other sporting equipment to enable children to learn the run, jump and throw ethos of athletics. The Club enters a competition each year, at which it has previously been disadvantaged since the young participants have been unable to train using proper equipment.

The club was proud to have 10 athletes selected for the regional finals last year, and hopes to increase that number this year with help from the new equipment.

The Club’s aim now is to help its current athletes to have a better experience of throwing using appropriately sized equipment, but also to encourage new children to take part, who would normally avoid athletics as they see it as a sport where you have to be able to run fast before joining in.

Saffron AC is an inner city athletics club which offers the opportunity to all children to learn athletics and to compete according to their ability.The club tries to engage children in all athletic activities that are available, however if a child shows an ability or interest in a particular event they will support them in doing this.

Currently 33 young people attend the Club and take part in the annual competition.

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