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Earthbuds Success!

Earthbuds is a community group working with children and families on projects around plant care, the benefits of eating vegetables and how to ‘grow your own’.


Recently Earthbuds have run a number of family cooking sessions where parents were invited along and were able to sample a number of simple and tasty dishes!  Children involved in the session were excited to have their families come along and the food taken home by many of the children that day was their evening meal. Other fun activities have included children harvesting their own-grown sweetcorn and then taking part in a cooking session making buttered corn on the cob. Great fun for everyone involved!





The Social Enterprise Fund recently awarded £2,509 to help Earthbuds raise awareness of their work and activities through website development, strategy development and information packs to attract sponsorship.

The Social Enterprise Fund


Well done, Earthbuds, keep up the great work!