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Coronavirus Support Fund helps Action Homeless

Action Homeless, which offers accommodation to people and families in housing crisis, is using a grant of £5,000 from the Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Support Fund to help those who have insecure or no housing.

As one of the most at risk groups, people without a home have been facing huge challenges during the pandemic. With the help of the Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Support Fund grant, Action Homeless is supporting individuals and families whilst they settle into accommodation where they can isolate safely, while making sure that everyone has access to the support services that are so vital to keeping safe and well.

James Riviere from Action Homeless said:

“So far the grant  has enabled us to purchase 20 mobile phones to help keep people in touch with support services. We have been able to provide toys and educational packs for children living in our women’s refuge and family homes, as well as colouring packs for adults, and 30 radios for isolated individuals –  all thanks to the grant.

“Action Homeless are also looking at purchasing tablets for people, to help keep them connected and coping during isolation.”