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Community Foundation Helps Hinckley Kids By Increasing Volunteers

Recently we’ve helped the Green Towers club for Young People in Hinckley to work with more kids! The club was awarded a £1000 grant that has allowed them to increase the number of volunteers it can train up and assess for security purposes.

Hinckley boasts a fantastic facility for children in the club, staffed by volunteers, and it’s great for everyone in the community, not just the lucky kids who get to go there: ASBOs are down 5% year on year since the centre has been open.

Funded also by other grants and the local council, the club is all about improving the life chances, health and wellbeing of Hinckley’s children – at a very low cost to the children themselves.

Kids pay just £1 per visit to use the centre, which has many fantastic features such as a climbing wall, music studio, multiple pool tables and café, as well as running badminton, basketball, cookery, boxing and grass football clubs; 95% of which are staffed by the wonderful volunteers. Now, the club is able to say that there is a ratio of one trained volunteer to every seven children. It is a place where parents can feel assured their kids are safe, learning valuable life skills and having great fun in the evenings and during the school holidays.

The centre will increase its appeal even more when they get the roof for the skateboard park – which will cost around £50k, and will be funded by grants and charitable donations. They are looking for donors now.

The club also caters for the needs of disabled children, and will start an over-50s club in September.

If you would like to donate to the Green Towers club or would like to know more about organisations like this in your area contact Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation’s Business Engagement Executive, Laura Grant, on 07771 606 400 or at