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CFF pilots programme to help tackle anxiety

With a £1,900 contribution from the Sir Timothy Brooks Fund, Centre for Fun and Families delivered a pilot programme for young people and their families affected by anxiety. Of seven people who initially started the programme, one reported an immediate benefit after just one session. Of three who completed the course, two were subsequently discharged by Primary Mental Health Services.

Overall, 43% of the young people experienced a reduction in their anxiety scores as a result of the programme, while two thirds appeared to experience a significant reduction in their symptoms.  The programme aimed to help them understand what caused their anxiety, explore strategies and ways to overcome it, so they could begin to enjoy every day things. It helped the participants build confidence, meet new people facing similar struggles, make new friends and get support while having some fun.


Centre for Fun & Families is a registered charity whose aim is to improve the lives of children and young people, by delivering evidence-based group work programmes for parents and group work sessions for teenagers. CFF was commissioned by the CAMHS Primary Mental Health Team to provide a service for parents and young people affected by anxiety. The programme was based on existing evidence-based programmes which incorporate Cognitive Behavioural and Social Learning Theory, but adapted and developed to incorporate specific treatment techniques to address anxiety.

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