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Adventures in Adventureland for Make and Play

Make and Play is a volunteer led play group running in the heart of Syston. The group is all inclusive and welcomes, amongst others, children with learning disabilities and those who are disabled. The group works to integrate these children with those who do not have additional needs, promoting inclusion and understanding.

In September 2014 the Community Foundation awarded Make and Play £997 from our Leicestershire Fund.

Funding was awarded to purchase a range of new play equipment and also covered part of a summer trip to Sundown Park.

On the horses


Adell Mason and Tania Connolly from Make and Play said, ‘The children enjoyed a wonderful day trip to Sundown Adventureland in July 2015. Apart from being an all-round wonderful day in general, the activities helped to support different aspects of learning.


Shark jaws


For example, spending an hour listening to the traditional fairy tales in ‘Story Ville’ children’s understanding of language, rhyme and alliteration is supported. The tiny fairy tale houses, such as the 3 little pigs, were perfect for supporting imagination and role-play.


Ball pool area


Some of the children loved climbing on the large pirate ship in ‘Smugglers Cove’, supporting physical development, and walking through ‘LolliPoppet castle’ appealed to the senses as candy fragrances are pumped into the air.


Driving a pig


Children enjoyed a tractor ride about the ‘farm’ and squealed with delight as they actually imagined they were steering the tractor!

‘Santa’s Sleigh ride’ and a trip to the ‘Witches Cauldron’ evoked memories of special times for some children, supporting their understanding of communities and cultural traditions.


The under 5’s area was perfect for little ones as parents watched them explore from a short distance whilst the indoor ball pits and slides of ‘Crash Landings’ indoor area met the most demanding of ‘rough and tumble’ play needs.

Please accept a big thank you from the children and parents of Make and Play for helping us to offer an inexpensive trip out for local families. These families included vulnerable groups, such as those on low incomes, single parents and families of children with additional needs.’

Monkeying about

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