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Wheels to Work lifeline for Melton and Rutland residents

With funding of £7,000 from Rutland and Melton Training Fund, Wheels to Work has been able to provide residents of Melton and Rutland who are unable to access public transport and have no other means of travelling, with an alternative form of commuting to either work or education. The provision of an affordable scooter and cycle hire scheme has enabled more people to enter employment as they would otherwise not be able to get there.

Wheels to Work were able to provide four 125cc motor scooters along with the associated running costs, such as security trackers and insurance. They have been extremely beneficial in areas where access to public transport is scarce, and have helped users to enter employment, with the added benefits it brings such as wellbeing, confidence and independence.

Over the course of a six month hire, the scheme also enables the beneficiary to either save enough to purchase their own scooter, enjoy lower costs while saving up for car insurance or benefit from mobility while taking car driving lessons. In this way, the scooters allow people to find a sustainable way of getting to work beyond the scheme itself.

The use of the scooters has also allowed the users to look to a wider catchment area for employment opportunities, potentially allowing them to take on better paid jobs. So far six young people have used the scheme, with an additional eight expected to enter employment as a result of it this year.

Wheels to Work is a scooter and cycle hire scheme available to those who are struggling to get to work or college due to transport barriers. This scheme has been running successfully for the past 10 years and has provided a programme that has helped a large group of people all across Leicestershire and Rutland.

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