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ADP Football Tournament raises HIV awareness

ADP African Development Project is a voluntary group based in the city of Leicester where most of their members live, most of whom have an African background. The organisation provides services, practical assistance, community development and expansion to African groups, communities and businesses in the area.

With funding from Leicestershire Fund, ADP African Development Project was able to put on a football tournament with the main aim of promoting HIV awareness and testing among the local African community.

The project had been identified as the spread of HIV is still one of the biggest obstacles to face for Africans in Leicestershire, in particular undiagnosed and late diagnosed HIV and the associated stigma. During the football tournament, which was attended by nearly four hundred people, HIV awareness was raised and seventeen people put themselves forward during the event for testing to understand their status.

The funding provided medals, referees, transport for volunteers and pitch hire. The event successfully helped ADP spread the message that HIV testing should become part of a normal routine among local African people.


Chairman Georges N’Kashama said: “Your funding was so important to help raise awareness of HIV testing and break through the stigma which exists through various cultures.”

Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation was able to match funding to the project through our donor matching scheme which wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of local donors. If you’d like more information on the scheme and how you could help your local community – with sums as little as £1,000, please contact Katy Green on 0116 262 4804 or email: