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Red Nose Day
Leicester City of Sanctuary

Day trips for 90 asylum seekers

Leicester City of Sanctuary (LCoS) is a volunteer-run group aiming to create a culture of welcome for asylum seekers and refugees in the City and across Leicestershire. The group gives talks to clubs, organisations and schools with a view to improving the lives of asylum seekers and refugees and encouraging a more positive view of them within the community.

During the past year LCoS has arranged social events and outings and run groups to help people improve their English. The Red Nose Day Community Cash grant has allowed the continuation of these services, providing the opportunity to add interest and experience to otherwise very limited lives.

Bessie Hayes, the Co-Vice Chair of Leicester City of Sanctuary, said; ‘These are activities which are really valued by people who have very restricted lives. They create a lot of excitement and anticipation.’

Since receiving the grant and running three very successful events, it is clear that the outings have been a source of real pleasure for those who took part. Users have expressed great appreciation and enthusiasm.