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We set up local family and company charitable funds, at less cost than setting up a separate charity.   Each fund is named and directed by the donor and gives grants to local charitable groups of the donor’s choice.  We do this to build and maintain a healthy, safe and thriving Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

How We Do It

  1. Funds
  1. Financial Management
  1. endowment funds, where donations are invested for income to support local causes
  2. expendable funds, where donations are spent on local causes within a timescale
  1. Grant Giving

To set up your own personally named fund or to find out more about giving, contact Katy Green, Chief Executive on 0116 26 24 916 or email Katy Green.

For a current list of donors and funds, please see the drop down menu below.

Apex Works

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Apex Works aims to address barriers that stop vulnerable and marginalised people achieving employment. The fund seeks to help them improve their prospects in the labour market, to relieve and prevent poverty through employment, and appropriate training.

Arts Fund

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The aim of this fund is to support projects providing arts activities for communities in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Ben Lazarus DMU Fund

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This fund works to support DMU students in financial need who require overseas travel to expand their educational insight or future employment potential.

Byrch’s Charity

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This fund works to support groups helping to alleviate issues of poverty in 3 Rutland parishes.

Cambridge & Counties Bank Foundation

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The Foundation will support and work with charitable groups that develop employability and business skills among children and young adults.

CAP Fund

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Giving from this fund supports educational projects including sports, music and other after school activity.

On the Edge

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On the Edge is a fund supporting children and young people who have experienced serious trauma and/or who are involved in the care system.

City of Leicester Education Fund

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Giving from this fund supports the education of young people in Leicester city.

Comic Relief Large Grants

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This fund supports a range of needs, offering 2-year funding opportunities to schemes tackling disadvantage in Leicestershire and Rutland.

Comic Relief Local Communities programme

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This fund works to support projects tackling disadvantage and aims to empower people in areas of economic and social deprivation.  The fund offers support to projects in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Coventry Building Society

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This fund supports small charities and community groups across Leicestershire and Rutland aiming to improve quality of life. Projects working with young people aged 14-25, disabled, older people and in disadvantaged neighbourhoods are particularly welcomed.

Creative Breaks Fund

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This fund works to provide respite holidays for disabled children in Rutland.

East Midlands Chamber Fund

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The East Midlands Chamber Charitable Fund has announced it is supporting the following three charities during 2019.


TWENTY TWENTY – is an employment and support charity that breaks cycles of worklessness, hopelessness and dependency in the most deprived areas of Leicestershire and Derbyshire and Rutland, through working with young people aged 11 to 24. They believe that every young person has incredible potential, and that the most disaffected young people are resources to be developed rather than problems to be solved.

The young people who go to TwentyTwenty live without hope, in the most deprived neighbourhoods, many from families who are now long term unemployed:

  • They have failed at school, through being excluded or not being able to engage with mainstream education. They exist in a demoralised state, feeling neglected and without a meaningful future;
  • They face a wide range of personal and social needs: poor physical and mental health, learning disabilities (many are on the autistic spectrum), caring responsibilities (including teenage motherhood), lack of decent housing, family criminality, gross economic disadvantage, low level drug addiction and a complete lack of societal or family support.

TwentyTwenty exists to help these young people become independent, healthy, aspirational citizens who have the skills and wherewithal to hold down secure and progressive jobs.


SKILLFORCE  – is an education charity that delivers life-changing, character and resilience-focused education programmes to children aged 6 to 18 using the skills and experience of complementary role models, often ex-Service veterans.

Having served their country in the British Army, Navy or the RAF, they are now serving in schools in their communities. Collectively they are helping to improve and indeed transform the lives of over 13,000 children and young people.

SkillForce has a unique dual mission, namely, to develop confidence, resilience and self-worth in young people, helping them to be happy, successful and have a foundation for positive mental health, whilst also helping former Service personnel to transition to civilian life, giving them renewed purpose, a paid job and a new, rewarding career working with young people.

The charity’s flagship education programme is The Prince William Award for 6 to 14 year olds. This is the only award programme of its kind and the only one to bear the name of our Patron, HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge.

The charity also works with 14 to 19 year olds on confidence, resilience, employability and essential life skills.


CHICKS – is a national children’s charity providing free, week-long respite breaks for children living in difficult circumstances all over the UK. Established in 1992, CHICKS has provided a much needed break to more than 16,000 children aged 8 to 15.

The children come from a variety of backgrounds. Many are living in poverty or are young carers for parents or siblings, whilst others are victims of bullying, abuse or have been bereaved. The one thing they all have in common is that they desperately need a break away from home. When they come to stay at the CHICKS retreat in Derbyshire, they have the chance to enjoy their childhood in a safe and supported environment.

On their break, children get to enjoy new experiences and challenge themselves, trying out new activities such as horse-riding or rock climbing, as well as simply enjoying time in the beautiful natural environments around us. Often the most popular activities are the simplest, such as toasting marshmallows around the campfire or enjoying a bedtime story.

For the children supported by CHICKS, their break imparts new confidence, nurtures self-esteem, makes happy childhood memories and sparks new enthusiasm for life. But it doesn’t end at the break. Each child receives a Memory Bag to take home, containing precious mementos from the week as well as a freepost envelope so children can keep in contact. CHICKS also sends every child a birthday card and a few small individually wrapped Christmas presents, to ensure they feel valued.


Efficient Charitable Portfolio

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Efficient Portfolio, chartered financial planners in Rutland, has set up the Efficient Charitable Portfolio. Efficient Charitable Portfolio will raise money to give to communities in Rutland and London, where Efficient Portfolio have offices. National charities that their staff and clients nominate will also be supported. Money raised will be through donations from staff and clients.

The Erskine Murray Foundation

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The Erskine Murray Foundation has been set up to support local young people aged 13-18 facing challenges such as abuse, violence, exploitation or housing & homelessness issues. Staff voted overwhelmingly to help this age group and are also interested in supporting them through sport & recreation projects. They will nominate charities each year.

The Excellent Fund

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The Excellent Fund will offer several small grants each year to support young individuals in Rutland who need something specific to start or grow their business, such as a piece of equipment, license or some training.


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The Hanwill fund supports projects on any theme within Leicestershire and Rutland.

High Sheriff of Rutland’s Fund

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The Rutland High Sheriff’s Fund offers support to a range of local needs in the county of Rutland.

Hill Osborne

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This fund offers support to projects within Leicestershire and Rutland on any theme.

Hitachi Capital Leicestershire

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This fund works to support a range of local needs within Leicestershire.

Hive Foundation (in memory of Grant Wilkinson)

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The Hive Foundation supports charitable causes within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. It is currently prioritising children’s breakfast clubs.

Hope Fund

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The Hope Fund supports charities and organisations within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland that offer hope and opportunity to human and non-human animals.


Jamie Lewis Fund

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The Jamie Lewis fund supports projects focusing on homelessness in Leicester City.

Jean Richmond Memorial Fund

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To support young children and adults who have overcome challenging circumstances or events or who have shown initiative in putting the needs of others first.

John Laing Foundation

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This fund works to support homelessness, education, disadvantaged young people 4-18 years and Community Regeneration projects.

John Salmon

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This fund offers support to emerging social enterprises and children anywhere within Leicestershire and Rutland.

Leicester Asian Business Association Fund (LABA Fund)

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This fund aims to offer support to the elderly and children as well as those affected by cancer.

Leicester Learning Fund

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The aims of this fund are to enhance opportunities for children and young people in the city, with an emphasis on educational projects.

The Leicester Learning Fund offers the following small grants to schools:

  • School Council Grants
  • School Linking Grants
  • Personal Support Grants

These small grants support work in schools that promote pupil participation, active citizenship and demonstrate a duty of concern for others.
Applications for up to £500 in each category will be considered.

For more information visit their website:

Leicestershire Fund

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This fund offers support to a range of local needs within Leicester city and County.

Leicestershire Police Chief Constable’s Fund

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This fund works to support crime prevention.

Lord Lieutenant's Fund for Leicestershire and Rutland

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This fund offers support to a range of projects within Leicestershire and Rutland on any theme.

Mars in the Community

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Mars in the Community offers support to projects and groups local to their facilities in Melton and Waltham. The scheme is currently under review and more details will be published soon.

Meggitt Trust

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Support is offered to projects providing respite for carers who are caring for people of any age suffering from any disability or illness and who live in Market Harborough and the surrounding 5 mile radius.

Mental Health, Wellbeing & Learning Disability Social Enterprise Fund

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This fund supports people who have experienced mental health difficulties and/or learning disability. The fund offers help to projects taking place in Leicester city and county and in Rutland.

Mukti Foundation

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This fund work to support older people in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland through the Royal Voluntary Service.

Neil Murphy Animal Welfare Fund

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This fund supports animal welfare projects in the City and Counties.

Rebecca Winand Fund

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Set up in memory of Rebecca Winand, this fund helps young people who may need extra support in their education through a bursary scheme at St Crispin’s School.

Red Nose Day Community Cash

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This fund works to support a range of projects tackling disadvantage in communities.

Richi Rootz Foundation

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The Richi Rootz Foundation is set up in memory of Richard Harper, or Richi Rootz as he was known, a Leicester based musician. It provides support for younger stroke victims and for arts projects.

Richard Bonney Literary Fund

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The Richard Bonney Literary Fund provides small grants for scholars in the research fields of racial and/or religious harmony in multi-faith and multicultural societies.

For more information and to apply – please click here

Rutland and Melton Training Fund (RAMEC)

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Giving from this fund focusses on projects making work and training opportunities accessible for young people in Melton and Rutland.

SEGRO Centenary Fund

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SEGRO is a leading owner, manager and developer of warehousing and industrial space,

The SEGRO Centenary Fund will focus on community projects in North West Leicestershire which help young and disadvantaged people into employment and will create community spaces to support people’s training, health and wellbeing.  However, in the first year, funds will be used to help a variety of charities in the area to provide basic necessities, such as food, medicines and household essentials, and to support other initiatives which will help alleviate the impact of the Coronavirus crisis.

Sir Timothy Brooks

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Support is offered to projects in Leicestershire and Rutland working with young people, families and those with alcohol and substance misuse issues. Support is also offered towards apprenticeship schemes.

Smallman and Son Foundation

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Company and staff will support groups in their local community of Syston.

Social Enterprise Fund

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This fund works to support the development and growth of social enterprises in the county.

Surviving Winter

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This fund is currently working to help the elderly and families in crisis.

Sycamore Fund

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This fund was set up by an anonymous donor, with beneficiaries yet to be defined.

The Barbara Keene Fund

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This fund works to support projects in the City and Counties involving children aged up to 10 years old.

The Sheila Collard Fund

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This fund works to support projects involving young people aged 14-25.

William Colton Youth Sports Fund

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Support is offered to projects getting young people under the age of 19 engaged with sport.

Women in Philanthropy (WiP)

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Launched and run by Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation, Women in Philanthropy is a network of women building a sustainable fund to support 3 local charities per year. In 2017, the chosen WiP charities are Centre for Fun & Families; New Dawn New Day and The Evington Centre ward for advanced dementia.