About Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation

Welcome to Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation

We are a charity working in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

Why we do it

Our local charities and voluntary groups do amazing work. They help our children and young people, look after our elderly, work to prevent crime and even support us when we are ill.  They help to tackle unemployment and training problems, invest in our local social enterprises and help people into sport and the arts. They also look after our unpaid carers, help prevent homelessness and much more. These local charities and voluntary groups help to make our city and counties worth living in. Some of them you’ll know, while others are more hidden, but they all need our support.

How we do it

For any sum of £5,000 or more, we can set up and run a giving Fund for you. It’s like your own charitable foundation – without the onerous work. We manage administration, audit, charitable reporting, claim Gift Aid and, if you like, match you to local causes that you care about, doing great but "unsung, unseen" work in our city and counties. You can be as "hands off" or as involved as you'd like to be with your Fund or Foundation - either way, we check grants are spent as intended and report back to you.