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Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation

Welcome to Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation. 

We’re an unusual charity! We don’t fundraise as such; we’re here to support charitable groups meeting local needs – and to support people who want to give money to help others.

We set up and run grant-giving funds for local families, individuals, and companies – like your own charitable foundation, without all the work. The donors direct their giving, and we manage the administration. We also give grants for agencies, the NHS, government, the National Emergencies Trust, and we reinvigorate dormant trusts.

We maintain local knowledge and specialise in local grant giving.  All areas face challenges, and at any time in life people can be hit by physical or mental illness, family problems, debt, loss, loneliness. Some challenges are sudden crises, others are complicated and long-lasting. 

Hundreds of local charitable groups work hard and effectively to mitigate all these and more, as well as providing affordable access to sport and the arts, and protecting local wildlife and our environment.

Some are quite large charities, others very small. Almost none are household names. Yet they are vital. With your philanthropic grants, you can help them to make to life in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland worth living – for all of us.

Our Donors

The Apex Fund
Arts Fund
The Ben Lazarus Fund
Bill and Jean Richmond Foundation
The Bobby Dhanjal Foundation
Byrch’s Trust Fund              
Cambridge and Counties Bank Foundation
Wesleyan Foundation Fund
The CAP Fund
City of Leicester Education Fund
East Midlands Chamber Fund
Getting Help in  Neighbourhoods Adult Mental Health & Wellbeing Fund
The Gilmour Family Fund
The Hanwill Fund
The John Salmon Fund
William Colton Youth Sports Fund
The High Sheriff of Rutland Fund
Hill Osborne Fund
Hinckley & Rugby Building Society
The Hive Foundation in memory of Grant Wilkinson
Hope Fund
Huntley and Palmers
Jamie Lewis Fund
Women in Philanthropy Fund

Leicestershire’s High Sheriff
LABA Charitable Foundation
Leicester Learning Fund
Leicestershire Fund
Neil Murphy Animal Welfare Fund
Oaktree Fund
Precision FM
Sycamore Fund

In 2023, the 3 East Midlands Community Foundations were chosen by the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce as their “Charities of the year.”

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