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Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation are looking to appoint a Trainee Communications Assistant. This is a great role for someone starting out on their career,

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Leicestershire & Rutland Community Foundation

Welcome to Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation. 

We set up and run grant-giving funds for local families, individuals, companies and agencies, and the public sector.

All the grants go to local charitable, voluntary and community groups meeting local needs: homelessness, physical and mental health, sports and the arts, poverty and disadvantage, family support, elderly lunch clubs – and much more.  

Some are quite large charities, others very small. Almost none are household names. Yet between them, and with the help of the generous philanthropic grant-giving funds on our platform, they help keep Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland stable and thriving, great places to live and work.

Why Set Up a Grant Giving Fund with the Community Foundation?

  • We can support your current giving, your legacy, your ESG Goals or CSR
  • We work with families, individuals, companies, agencies and the public sector. 
  • We can set up a personally-named grant giving Fund for any amount over £7,000
  • Grant-giving is what we do: we know the local area and have robust, well-practised systems
  • We are affordable. You won’t need to manage a charity infrastructure, accountants, lawyers
  • Your grant-giving fund is named and directed by you and/or your staff; you choose its impact
  • You can select the local needs and challenges you want to change, using our knowledge
  • You can invest giving for on-going charitable income, or you can give immediately – or both
  • We are Quality Accredited, part of national network of independent Community Foundations