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We enable local philanthropy. We set up inexpensive charitable grant giving funds on behalf of families, individuals and companies. We also deliver grants for government, and reinvigorate dormant funds. We specialise in giving grants to "unsung unseen" charitable and voluntary groups that keep our city and counties healthy, safe and thriving.

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Coronavirus Support Fund

We have launched The Leicestershire and Rutland Coronavirus Support Fund.

The Community Foundation rarely asks for cash. We’re not fundraisers as such: our job is to provide an inexpensive, knowledgeable platform for companies and individuals to give locally, and match their crucial support to the small charitable groups which work so hard to keep Leicestershire and Rutland healthy and thriving.

But these are difficult times. Lockdown is hard for all, and we’re seeing first-hand that for many it’s disastrous. Local charities and community groups need help to deal with people facing loss of income, new debts, cramped accommodation, domestic violence, worsening mental health, isolation, lack of internet access.

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