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Together We Can send thanks to the John Salmon Fund

Together We Can send their heartfelt thanks to the John Salmon Fund for the grant they provided. Enabling them to cover all aspects of activities the children need the grant was very welcome. With this support they put on drumming sessions which proved very popular, gong bath sessions to instil a sense of calmness and peace, and cycle riding sessions with the help of Leicester Wheels for All.

Supporting young people with the most severe disabilities and learning difficulties, Together We Can are always looking for ways to broaden members’ experiences with fun and stimulating activities. They believe in sharing knowledge in order to provide help and support. It has been a very good year due to the grants received: plans always depend on fundraising.

Hydro therapy, music therapy and sensory experiences are provided in a variety of locations where they hire facilities, at the Rainbows Hospice hydro pool, Attenborough Arts Centre, and at the Mosaic centre. Taking part in these sessions builds strong bonds between members and their families. Their next project is to fund an adventure holiday; abseiling in wheel chairs, zip wires, archery and other experiences the young people may not otherwise be able to access.