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Donor Matching Scheme (Currently Open)

The Community Foundation enables local philanthropy. We set up and manage tax-efficient, personally-named charitable funds for families, individuals and companies.

We also deliver grants locally on behalf of government, national agencies and companies.

We enable support of any cause, specialising in the “unsung unseen” local charitable and voluntary groups that do so much to keep our city and counties healthy, safe and thriving.

Our Donor Matching Scheme matches applications from local charitable groups to the family and company funds and foundations that we manage

Different family and company funds have different charitable aims and times for giving grants, so we consider applications on an ongoing basis, usually around once a month. There are no deadlines for submission.

Funding requests of up to £3,000 are considered.

Read the guidelines below to make sure you are eligible to apply:


There are no deadlines for submission.

There are no set meeting dates to match groups to donors as this is dependent on when donors have funds available to spend.

We aim to consider funding requests approximately every three months.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you need not contact us again: we will get in touch if you’re successful or if we need any more information.

Everyone who applies to our Donor Matching Scheme is issued with an Application ID and Password.

This means you can log in, manage the information we hold in relation to your organisation and submit new funding requests to us at any time.

If you have previously submitted an application to us through the Donor Matching Scheme please contact us for your Application ID and Password: or

This is a simple process and will only take a few seconds.


If you have not submitted a Donor Matching Scheme application to us previously, please proceed with your application by clicking on the link below. 

Applicants with their online ID and password can also click on the link:

******Donor Matching Scheme apply online*****