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Braunstone Brownies taking aim!

Abel Camp in Wales

The Clash gang enjoying a day out

Exercise classes for Confederation of Indian Organisations Group!

At the beach with Leicester Children's Holiday Centre in Mablethorpe

Events at The Green Place eco centre in Sileby

Bell ringers at St James' Church, Ab Kettleby

Climbing fun at Green Towers Hinckley

Pupils at Gartree High School experience Realcare babies

Aspiring artists at Leicester ArtZone

LYDP takes a trip into space

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About us

We set up and manage personally-named giving funds for local companies, families and individuals, for any sum of £5k or more, at much less cost than setting up a standalone charitable foundation. We enable support of any cause, especially the local charitable and voluntary groups that help keep our city and counties healthy, safe and thriving.

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‘Urgent action’ is needed to understand charities’ value

More must be done to measure the value of the charity sector to help government understand the role it can play in solving deep economic and social divides, a Charity Commission paper has said.

'The Value of the Charity Sector' argues that action to understand the value of the charitable sector is needed urgently if we are to avoid the risks and achieve that better outcome.

Baroness Tina Stowell, chair of the Charity Commission, said: “Charity has the potential to deliver even more benefit but the stakes are high: if we fail to recognise the true value of charity, we risk undermining a powerful force for cohesion in our society.”

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