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Braunstone Brownies taking aim!

Abel Camp in Wales

The Clash gang enjoying a day out

Exercise classes for Confederation of Indian Organisations Group!

At the beach with Leicester Children's Holiday Centre in Mablethorpe

Events at The Green Place eco centre in Sileby

Bell ringers at St James' Church, Ab Kettleby

Climbing fun at Green Towers Hinckley

Pupils at Gartree High School experience Realcare babies

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About us

We are a charity who helps local individuals and companies to give money, in a tax efficient way, directly to local needs.

For any sum upwards of £1,000, we can set up your very own company or personal local giving Fund. It’s like your own charitable foundation – without the cost and legwork.

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Drum & Brass summer music week success

With funding of £2,425 from the Leicestershire Fund, Drum and Brass was able to stage a summer music week for young people who were given the chance to play modern and traditional music in a full orchestra, bands and ensembles. They were also able to sing in a choir and take part in creative activities including a jazz improvisation workshop and creating a stage backdrop with a graffitti artist.

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